Our Policies

Warranty : Here at Hayaku.co we offer a 30-day warranty from the order date for repair or resolution for our shiftknobs and hardware. This warranty covers cracking, splitting, chipping or excessive fading due to a defect or improper manufacturing. This warranty doesn't include neglect or damage caused from excessive force. Every shiftknob has been thoroughly tested and approved before making their way to you.

The warranty process is as follows.

1) Notify our team of the issue so we can assess whether it falls within the covered criteria.

2) Afterwards, if it has been determined to fall within the covered criteria then we will need the shiftknob to be shipped back to the return address so the team can further assess the extent of the damage and/or defect

3) Once our team receives the product we will further assess whether the shiftknob can be repaired or replaced. (subject to each case) 

4) We will ship the repaired or new (subject to each case) back to you. If we are required to replace the shiftknob we keep the damaged/defected shiftknob  ** We do not cover warranty in the process of shipping to or from ** 


Disclaimer : Automatic vehicles that have a park release (shift button) on the factory shiftknob vary from vehicle to vehicle. Although Hayaku.co does sell automatic adapters we will not be responsible if the adapters do not work with your car. Please do your own due diligence if you are purchasing the Adapters & Shiftknobs for an automatic vehicle. 

Being hand-made resin items, these will be prone to small imperfections.

Shipping/Customs : Shipping & Custom fees are not included in the price of the shiftknob. Custom fees may or may not be a factor to you and is solely dependant on your countries import and export regulations and guidelines. 

Return/Cancellation/Refund Policy : Being hand-made items, we do not accept cancellations, returns or refunds for any reason. 

COVID19 : What Covid19 means for us. Due to the nature of the world during the pandemic there can be some unexpected delays in shipping and manufacturing. We will try our best to get your orders out to you however please be aware that at times, lockdowns and suppliers may be effected at any given time.